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Peer to peer connectivity





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The initiating provider sends a consult request
They can add supporting documentation such as lab results or medical images.


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Sitka’s specialists review and respond via video
A concise text summary of next steps is also created by the specialist.


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The video can be shared by the initiating provider to the patient
The video is sharable and can be viewed as many times as needed. 

Equipping clinicians

Giving them the information they need to provide better care, avoid unnecessary costs, and create a better patient experience.
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Creating a care plan

Expert advice on developing the best plan for your patient
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Interpreting data

Understanding patient data to make informed recommendations
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Aiding diagnosis

Insight from specialists to reach the right diagnosis faster
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Patient impact

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Our Net Promoter Score of patients who’ve viewed Sitka specialist videos 
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The average number of times a patient views a video - across all age groups
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