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An end-to-end asynchronous telehealth solution supercharged by a specialist network
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Addressing the barriers 
to better patient outcomes

Sitka augments care delivery across the US by empowering providers with tools that minimize friction and maximize access along the care continuum.


Through asynchronous peer-to-peer video consults, vConsults, our remote specialist network can be quickly deployed to support your front-line providers. 

With a primary care clinician NPS of 90, vConsults reduce the cost of care while improving the healthcare experience for all.
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"The process is super easy and user friendly. A gastroenterologist sent me a very thorough video and message 40 minutes later with a great plan for my patient! I am still so impressed about how fast I was able to get an answer to my question and a very well specified plan for the patient. Sitka vConsults are a total game changer. We can keep our patients happy, healthy and at home!"
- First time Sitka vConsult user, Primary Care Physician


Enable providers to triage and follow up on their own time, while giving patients a video artifact they can watch more than once or share with their family.

Played an average of ~5x, vMessages build a personal connection with patients and their families that results in higher health literacy, care plan adherence, and provider loyalty.
"I’ve found with my members that a 20-30 minute call ends and they might not think about it again. But with a video, a member can watch it over and over again when they want encouragement or a reminder. It adds a whole other level of how we can reach our members in a new way. It’s the part of the day that I love the most"
- Front-line Provider, Chronic Care Management
"I love it. I feel like we jumped into the future."
- Provider, Sitka product suite
"There is tremendous value add. I played the [the vConsult] video and I felt totally equipped to speak that language to my patient. It gave me confidence."
- Provider, vConsult
"Patients feel heard. It makes them feel special and is a contrast to what they’re used to. It’s having an emotional impact on the patients."
- Provider, vMessage
"I didn’t have to send a second consult. I knew from the first one what to tell the second patient."
- Provider, vConsult
"Thank you for the information video. It was quite enlightening. It reminds me of the importance of having a good line of communication between the doctor and patient."
- Patient, vMessage

Why Sitka?

Our mission is to foster informed, effective, and trusted care delivery for all patients by every provider. Sitka's product suite was built to ease the burden of change management and we will work with you to ensure your front-line providers remain at the helm of their patients' care.
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