Sitka Secures $14M in Series A to Help Transform Specialty Care and Expand Partnerships
In 2018, we founded Sitka to help improve access to and delivery of specialty care across the nation. Today, we’re excited to share that we’ve raised $14 million in Series A financing led by Venrock, with participation from existing investors Optum Ventures, Homebrew, First Round Capital, and Lifeforce Capital.


Endocrinologist Sravanthi Madala, MD on Addressing the Disparities in Healthcare
Sravanthi Madala, MD uses vConsults to treat conditions virtually and help her patients manage their blood sugars in between in-office visits.
Orthopedist Aaron Morgenstein, MD on Expanding Access to Expert Specialty Care
Dr. Aaron Morgenstein celebrates his anniversary with Sitka Medical Associates and discusses how we can expand access to expert orthopedic care across the nation.
Gastroenterologist Jason Reich, MD on Innovation in Telemedicine
Jason Reich, MD of Sitka Medical Associates discusses innovation in telemedicine and Sitka’s impact on the future of value-based speciality care.
Lessons Learned as Medicine Embraces the Prefix “Tele”
Parts of the medical system in the United States that are not directly caring for the acutely sick have embraced telemedicine nearly overnight. What have they learned?
COVID-19 and Promise of Telemedicine
In a world of constantly changing protocols and expectations for social distancing, everyone is wondering how to future proof their medical practices if they cannot see a full day of 30 patients face to face.
Beyond the Pandemic: Embracing Something Radically Different
I brought together a team of experts with over 75 years of collective healthcare experience to solve for transformation. We laid out our goals: improve the quality of diagnoses through improved connectivity along the continuum of care, augment supply of specialists to better match provider needs, and reduce healthcare costs for all.

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