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Help us build the world’s first technology enabled specialist network, getting people the specialized care they need, in a way they deserve.
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"The best experience I've ever had in medicine."

Sitka is defining a new standard for advanced digital triage. Our team and our technology create secure narrated videos explaining medical data and evidence based treatment plans. Delivered directly to a patient’s phone or iPad, we are faster and better than the analog alternative, and we have the data to prove it. Patients love it, doctors love it, and even insurers love it.

It's time for something radically different.

Software and medicine have traditionally not gotten along. Building software to replicate centuries old medical workflows isn’t fun and, more importantly, isn’t what the industry needs. Sitka is founded on the premise that meaningful improvement in medicine requires new systems enabling convenient, conversational workflows, not the tedious and documentation-heavy processes of the past. The current systems don’t work for anyone, so it’s time for something radically different.

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As a small startup, there are no big-company cog-in-the-machine roles. Everything and everyone matters, so we hire with that in mind. We value diversity, not just because building services for diverse populations requires a diverse team, but because we personally feel it's the right thing to do.

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