Sitka Medical Associates

A virtual specialty provider network

Expanding access to
expert specialty care

Sitka Medical Associates delivers specialty expertise and guidance through vConsults, Sitka’s asynchronous video messaging consult solution

How it works

Initiating provider sends a consult request + relevant data via video
Sitka Medical Associates specialist reviews and responds via video
Initiating provider can share video messages with the patient


Infectious Disease
and many more


Sitka Medical Associates is a highly curated network of specialty providers. Specialists come from top tier medical institutions and actively practice in known hospitals and clinics. Each specialist has been vetted by seasoned clinicians for clinical competency, communication skills, and tech literacy.
SMA specialists are located all across the US. Many contribute to medical research and academic institutions, while others serve professional sports teams. Several are even multilingual. Our remote model allows for a diverse network of high quality physicians.
"Earlier this year, I was looking to expand into a telemedicine opportunity in my field and I was most intrigued by Sitka’s purpose. Through Sitka’s platform, I can expand my work with patients across the country to achieve remission of diabetes."
Ogoma Krause, MD
Endocrinologist in Wisconsin
"With COVID-19, we can see that telemedicine is no longer a hope for the future, it’s here now and it’s here to stay. With Sitka Medical Associates, I work with providers across the country to help make an impact on quality of care."
Jason Reich, MD
Gastroenterologist in Massachusetts

Hear from our specialists

“With telehealth, I’m able
to provide lower-cost input
on more patient cases.”
“We provide the speciality
input, but providers
maintain care plans.”
“We needed innovation in
our rapidly evolving
healthcare system.”

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