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Account Manager

Sitka brings specialty expertise to doctors and patients in a way they understand, in a setting they control and on devices they already carry with them.  Doctors gain rapid, on-demand access to our network of specialists through our unique technology platform.  Patients receive personalized reviews of their medical data with our experts providing empathetic guidance through life-changing medical events.  Patients love it, doctors love it, even insurers love it.

Software and medicine have traditionally not gotten along. Building software to replicate centuries old medical workflows isn’t fun and, more importantly, isn’t what the industry needs. Sitka is founded on the premise that meaningful improvement in medicine requires new systems enabling convenient, conversational workflows, not the tedious and documentation-heavy processes of the past.  The current systems don’t work for anyone, so it’s time for something radically different.

As a small startup, there are no big-company cog-in-the-machine roles. Everything and everyone matters, so we hire with that in mind. We value diversity, not just because building services for diverse populations requires a diverse team, but because we personally feel it's the right thing to do.

About the job

  • Serve as the key contact for health system and payer partnerships including maintaining regular communication with executive leaders and decision-makers
  • Establish key metrics and goals and identify gaps, and opportunities per customer
  • Set milestones to reach goals, create a plan and timeline to meet those milestones, coordinate internal and external teams to execute to that timeline
  • Develop a standard partner management approach at Sitka
  • Build an Account Management team as Sitka grows


  • You’re excited to represent our product and company.  
  • You like working with clients to understand the nuances to a successful implementation and partnership.
  • You've partnered with product and clinical teams to create comprehensive implementation plans.
  • You understand the healthcare delivery system and stay up to date on industry news.
  • You like learning new things, teaching what you know to others and generally aren’t a jerk about it.
  • You’re capable of solving whole problems with lots of ambiguity. We’re a startup doing things that nobody has done before. This means building things with imperfect information and building for adaptation when your assumptions are wrong. It’s not for everyone.

Extra credit!

  • You have 3+ years of account management experience
  • You’ve worked at an early stage technology company
  • You are known and respected in the healthcare industry
  • You have the desire and capacity to build out the entire Account Management team

How to apply

Email your resume to