Infectious Disease Specialist Patrick Cahill, MD, on Working with Sitka

Patrick Cahill, MD, is a board-certified infectious disease specialist practicing in Hartford, Connecticut. We asked him to answer a few questions about his specialty and working with Sitka.

What inspired you to become an infectious disease specialist?

I was drawn to infectious diseases in medical school for a few reasons. It is a specialty that has the opportunity to interact with and learn from every other type of medical provider and subspecialty. We are not limited to any organ system or area of the hospital. My current role outside of Sitka takes me from the clinic setting through the emergency departments, inpatient floors, and critical care units in a single day. I have the opportunity to act as a consultant and a primary care provider for my patients depending on the scenario. Another reason is the overall work-life balance and degree of happiness I observed in the infectious disease doctors that I met along the way through medical school and residency. It has seemed like a natural fit from early on.

What do you enjoy most about working with Sitka?

Sitka provides an incredible opportunity to reach more patients in new areas. I love being able to teach other providers how to approach common infectious disease questions and this is a great outlet for passing along a rational, problem-solving approach to clinical concerns. It has also been great to get exposure to new populations such as those residing in the long-term acute care facilities that I do not see as much in my clinical practice.

What are your favorite activities outside of work?

I like to stay active and run as much as possible when I have free time. I spend time with my wife and 3 dogs and enjoy cooking, soccer, and winter sports when the weather is right.



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