ChenMed’s TeamCare Announced as Sitka’s First Self-Insured Employee Partner

Kelsey Mellard, CEO of Sitka 

Expanding a Trusted Relationship

We have very exciting news to share stemming from our collaborative partnership with ChenMed! We’re honored to announce Sitka is providing specialty care to ChenMed’s employee health primary care offering through its latest initiative, TeamCare.  Launching with TeamCare further validates and brings our mission to life!

Sitka exists to be the most trusted and accessible specialty partner to value-based primary care providers. As part of our mission, we want to ensure access to value based care is accessible across a variety of arrangements—whether through self-insured employers, Medicare Advantage providers, Institutional Special Needs Plans, or ACOs.

ChenMed is a leading senior-focused primary care practice and Medicare Advantage Plan operating more than 90 medical centers across 12 states. In alignment with its mission to keep patients healthy, happy, and at home, Sitka’s platform has been a critical tool for ChenMed’s clinicians and patients to access value-based specialty expertise. 

ChenMed and Sitka are both dedicated to delivering quality care for patients, respecting their time, energy and making sure they have rapid and affordable access to the best when it comes to health. ChenMed is going one step further and making sure its own internal team will receive such high-quality healthcare, especially when it comes to getting great specialty expertise.  

Launched last year, TeamCare is dedicated to providing VIP healthcare to ChenMed’s own employees and with Sitka’s help, has been rolling out TeamCare across its 4,000 employees. As such, ChenMed’s employees will have rapid access to specialists through their primary care provider’s across specialties including: Dermatology, OBGYN, Urology, Psychiatry, and more.  So instead of being referred out and waiting for weeks, these issues can be solved ~90% of the time with their primary care provider in hours. 

The announcement of Sitka’s work within TeamCare is the next step of our truly symbiotic partnership with ChenMed

“I’m so impressed by the Sitka team and how much we have grown together. We’ve seen impressive cost savings, much faster access to specialists for our seniors, and most importantly, an improvement in the quality of care. We knew we must bring Sitka into TeamCare to take care of our own employees.” Daniel Guerra, Associate CMIO of ChenMed 

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